the author.


"Life achieves its summit when it does to the uttermost that which it was equipped to do." 

- Jack London

I was once a young child who sought ancient magic in wilds beyond the neighbourhood. I would wait for the spring rain and melt to engorge the river until it saturated the entire wetland up to our backyard. Then I would take our family canoe, set sail from the towering and scrappy treefort outpost at the edge of the forest, and danced with the current of the river with my paddle. I followed its wandering through lakes and marshes, around islands, and to glacier-carved rock shores. I would follow the glow of sunlight in the tree to find sanctuaries unknown to anyone but me.

Our stories weave and mold the subjective reality of our lives. Our stories maintained history and legend. They inspire in us grand adventures and deep connections. Stories give us something to chase after in the woods, seek out new experiences, engage us in a conversation with ourselves and others, and bring us hope in our darkest moments. 

I write in the style of magical realism - the fairy tales and folklore that inspires a child to venture into a wild unknown or that brings ghosts to a lonely town. Through magical characters and places, human stories and experiences, and introspective philosophies about what it is to live a full life, I write stories and other works in the hopes that they will bring magic into your world.


Note: All pictures are taken by me.